Cheesecake is now officially the No.1 dessert in the UK, having finally overtaken the Great British Trifle as the nation’s favourite. This is not surprising as the variety of flavours, textures and assemblies that can be fashioned with cheesecake make it a perfect muse for any dessert manufacturer.

At Classic Desserts we believe we have one of the most varied and differentiated cheesecake ranges on the market. From our fresh-set miniature peanut butter cheesecake to our gargantuan 16 portion Belgian white chocolate and raspberry baked cheesecake, we guarantee to have a cheesecake that satisfies all tastes, trends and occasions.

Only ever made with West Country Cream Cheese and Whipping Cream sourced from our local Lakeland dairy, for us it has always been about the quality of the ingredients we use.

We also prefer to make our own biscuit bases, brownies, compotes and ganache’ as we believe it provides a real point of difference that stands us out from the crowd.

If you would like to request a tasting sample, then please get in touch.